Mission Statement

As PositiveCauses we are distributing a montly PositiveCauses magazine which not only offers employment to people who wouldn’t usually get the opportunity of finding work, but also, that we can help to discourage kids from going down the slippery slope of drink, drugs and causing criminal damage, which is mostly brought on from boredom, household problems and the surrounding enviroment. Our task is to be able to offer regular activities/events so we may help them to see a more positive path. As well as offering activities, we would like to be able to go to school’s, so that we may talk to them about drink, drugs and criminal damage. Offer one to one confidential advice and support. Then hopefully go on to helping kids all over the UK.

We now help the homeless as well in the way of offering packs of essential equipment, such as a sleeping bag, toiletries, underwear, coffee and sandwiches. We also sit down and have a chat with them and hear their story of why they’re there, give them advice on things to do, places to go that may help them towards getting back on their feet, or a place to go for get a roof over their head. We would hopefully like to be able to offer a night stop for the homeless so that they may have a place to sleep, bathe and have a decent breakfast this will only be acheved through the support of yourselves by buying the magazine and making online donations.

With sales of our monthly magazine & other projects, as well as the support of the general public, we will have this done in the next few years or depending on your support hopefully sooner.

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